Missouri Notary Embosser


Missouri Notary Seal Embosser features:

  • Clean, crisp impressions with minimal effort
  • Easily replace your notary seal insert with your new commission number or expiration date
  • Modern design paired with an ergonomic handle
  • 5 custom colors


Missouri Notary Seal Embosser

Engineered with a dual-hinge lever to provide maximum results with minimal effort, the Ideal EZ seal is the notary industry’s most advanced embosser. Featuring an ergonomic handle, a sleek modern design in 5 colors, the Ideal seal is, in our opinion, the best embosser seal on the market.

The Ideal EZ embosser creates clean and crisp impressions. Once you renew your commission, you can easily replace your notary seal insert with your new commission information.

Missouri Notary Seal Embosser Requirements

Missouri Notary Stamp Requirements

To be legally recognized, the engraved embosser seal or the black inked rubber stamp seal must contain:

  1. The notary’s exact name as it appears on their commission certificate;
  2. The assigned commission number; and
  3. Three phrases: “Notary Seal,” “Notary Public,” “State of Missouri.”

The notary must also type, print, or have a rubber stamp with certain information on every completed notary certificate: their exact name as it appears on their commission, “Notary Public,” “State of Missouri,” their expiration date and the county for which they are commissioned. The notary may use a black inked rubber stamp ONLY if the seal contains the information in #1, #2 and #3 above, as well as the county for which they are commissioned and the expiration date of that commission.

Source: s1.sos.mo.gov/Business/Notary/

Additional information

Weight 14 oz
Dimensions 4.125 × .75 × 1.625 in
Embosser Type

, , ,

Embosser Color

, , , , ,


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