Kentucky Notary Journals

Does Kentucky require a notary journal?

No. Kentucky does not require a notary journal.

Source: Kentucky Notary Public Handbook.

Although many states require a journal by law, Kentucky does not. However, it is advisable to keep a record book of official acts
because a journal provides documentation of the notary’s personal knowledge of performance of the notarization.

What physical characteristics should a journal have? The journal should be bound with pre-numbered pages to deter unauthorized removal of pages. There should be entry space to record all pertinent information. The journal should be completed before the notarization.

What information should be recorded in a journal? A. The document signer’s signature B. Date and time of the notarization C. Date of the document D. Type of notarization performed and type of document notarized E. Document signer’s address F. Statement on how the notary verified the signer’s identity G. The fee, if any, charged for the notarial act H. Special comments about the transaction