Oklahoma Notary Journals

Does Oklahoma require a notary journal?

No. However it is recommended that a notary maintain a record or journal of all their official acts. This can become very useful in the event a notary public is called to appear in a court of law. It is suggested that the following information be kept:

  • 1. Date & type of notarial act
  • 2. A description of the document
  • 3. The signature and printed name and address of each person for whom a notarial act was performed
  • 4. a description of the form of identification provided (driver’s license, photo identification, etc.) or a statement that the person is “personally known” to the notary public
  • 5. The location where the notarization was performed
  • 6. The amount of the fee charged, if any
  • 7. Personal notes that may be useful

Source: sos.ok.gov