Arizona Notary Journals

Does Arizona require a notary journal?

Yes. Arizona notaries public must obtain a journal.

Source: Arizona Notary Public Handbook.

“Journals must be in paper form and list notarial acts in chronological order. Additionally, although not required by law, use of a permanently bound journal is recommended for the notary’s protection.”

A notary journal provides proof that a notary public performed a notarization. The journal also verifies that the notary took the reasonable steps necessary to identify the signer of a document.”

Additionally, “most notary journals are public record; however, some are not. These include notary records that are confidential due to attorney/client privilege or state or federal law. Notarized statements and journal entries associated with the parental consent for abortion statutes under A.R.S. § 36-2152(A) are confidential and are not public records. These documents must not be disclosed in response to a public records request and the contents must be kept confidential.”