Ohio Notary Journals

Does Ohio require a notary journal?

Ohio state law requires a notary journal only for electronic notaries. However, keeping a notary journal is strongly recommended. 

Source: Ohio Revised Code Section 147.65

An online notary public shall maintain one or more electronic journals in which the online notary public records, in chronological order, all online notarizations that the online notary public performs. The electronic journal shall enable access by a password or other secure means of authentication and be in a tamper-evident electronic format complying with the rules of the secretary of state adopted under section 147.62 of the Revised Code.

Our Classic Journal of Notarial Events was designed especially for the workplace notary who may encounter a myriad of single notarizations in the performance of her or his duties.

We created our Modern Journal of Notarial Events for the professional notary public. Our MOJO is ideal for signing agents, focusing on loan signings and common notarial acts, like healthcare directives and wills.