Minnesota Notary Journals

Does Minnesota require a notary journal?

No. Minnesota state law does not require a notary to keep records (a notary journal) of their official acts.

Source: Notary Commission Guide From the Office of the Minnesota Secretary of State.

State law does not require a notary to keep records of their official acts. However, it is recommended that you keep a journal to assist in recalling what you have done, if needed or if legally challenged. You should record the following information:
1. Date.
2. Type of notarial act.
3. A description of the document.
4. The signature, printed name and address of each document signer.
5. How the signer proved their identity.
6. County.
7. Fee charged, if any.

Safeguard your journal because it serves as an important public record. Please note, even if you became a notary as a function of your employment, the stamp and journal are your personal property