North Dakota Notary Journals

Does North Dakota require a notary journal?

No, North Dakota does not require a notary journal. 


The notary should add a new journal entry for each notarial act performed and the entry should be completed prior to notarizing the document. If the notary is notarizing more than one document for a person, the notary should have a separate journal entry for each document notarized.

Although not required by law, a notary journal can protect the notary and document signer from any accusations of wrong doing and it also assists in the prevention of any wrong doing by the notary. Every journal entry is legally presumed to be truthful and it constitutes the notary’s personal knowledge of the notarization performed.

Our Classic Journal of Notarial Events was designed especially for the workplace notary who may encounter a myriad of single notarizations in the performance of her or his duties.

We created our Modern Journal of Notarial Events for the professional notary public. Our MOJO is ideal for signing agents, focusing on loan signings and common notarial acts, like healthcare directives and wills.