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We offer online notary courses for 46 states, and notary public supplies for all 50 states. Select your state from the map or click below to learn how to become a notary public today.

Why work with Our family business that we started in our garage twenty years ago has expanded across America with the support of new and renewing notaries like you.

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Available with your Live Same Day Class and Exam:
State approved CA Notary Class and Hands-On Training (8am to 3:30pm)
Proof of Completion certificate
State Exam after Class-Registration and Test (3:30pm to 5:00pm)
FREE Pre-Study Guide available after registration
FREE 100+ Important Knowledge Points
FREE California Notary Public Handbook ( Available at Class )
Discounted Notary Supply Orders
Complimentary Notary Basic Listing with
Class guarantee – if you don’t pass the first time
On-line 24/7 notary help
Toll-free notary support available ( During office hours )

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For more information on in-person notary seminars, go to or call 1-800-909-9003. 

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California Acknolwedgement

Acknowledgments and Jurats

What is a jurat? When do I use an acknowledgment? What’s the difference between notarizing an acknowledgement and jurat? All your acknowledgement and jurat questions answered.

Notary Bonds & Insurance FAQs

Does my surety bond protect me? What’s the point of having E&O insurance? Should I buy two notary bonds? (No.) All your notary bond and Errors and Omissions insurance questions answered.