Iowa Remote Online Notarization

Iowa has accelerated their Remote Online Notarization (RON) to accommodate for the COVID-19 Coronavirus pandemic.  Iowa notaries can now register here to be able to offer this service:  The following vendors have been authorized to provide this service: DocVerify LenderClose SIGNiX You must reach out to one of these vendors prior to applying. DocVerify: $100 setup fee, $480 annual fee, $100 digital certificate fee, and a per transaction fee LenderClose: No published fees. SIGNiX: No setup fee, $250 annual fee, free digital certificate, $10 transaction fee, $5 for each additional seal (same transaction, $60 max) Here is the text of the guidance provided by the Iowa Secretary of State's Office: In-Person Notarization Requirement Waiver Guidance Beginning March 22nd, Governor Reynolds declared that the in-person requirement for...

Colorado Remote Online Notarization

Update 4/1/2020: The Colorado SOS office confirmed that there has been no change to the amount Colorado notaries can charge for a remote online notarization.  This makes RON cost-prohibitive in most instances.  We will update as we get more information. Colorado has adopted a temporary rule to allow Remote Online Notarization (RON) as a response to Corona Virus (COVID-19) and quarantine and social distancing recommendations at the state and federal level.  Below is the new rule put out by the Colorado Secretary of State Notary Division: As temporarily adopted and effective 3/30/2020 Rule 5. Remote Notarization 5.1 Definitions As used in these Rules, unless stated otherwise: 5.1.1 “Audio-video communication” means communication by which an individual is able to see, hear, and communicate with a remotely located...

Northern California Notary Instructor Job

Notary Learning Center, Inc. has been a State Certified Education Vendor in California since 2004, providing Notary Public and Signing Agent training. Information about our company and the services we offer can be found by visiting us at: Position: Notary Public Class Instructor** This is a part time position as an independent contractor working for       Notary Learning Center, Inc. We are in need of a class instructor to teach the 6 hour California State Mandated Notary Public training class. We also offer a Notary Signing Agent Class (loan document training). Location: Northern California (Bay Area) Experience:  Must have experience teaching in a classroom environment and/or a background in public speaking. Someone who is already a Notary Public and/or Notary Signing Agent is preferred. Responsibilities/Requirements: Must have reliable...

Improved Notary Records Journal

We have upgraded our popular Notary Records Journal to be even better.  In addition to the new cover image this thoughtfully-designed journal has an additional 96 entries and thicker paper.  We have also brought back the soft cover version, making this journal fully Hawaii compliant!  Check out all the features of this journal: Durable binding (pages will not fall out) 496 individually numbered entries 128 individually numbered pages 4 entries per page (no spanning across two pages) Check boxes for common notarizations Easy logging of complicated entries (such as credible witness) Soft cover version is good for all states and territories (Hawaii-compliant) Hard cover version is good for all states and territories (except Hawaii)

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We now have two additional journal options

While we love the...

2018 New Idaho Notary Stamp Requirements

Every current Idaho Notary Public must use the new stamp format starting October 1, 2018.  All existing stamps must be destroyed or disabled after September 30, 2018.   NOTARY STAMP PURCHASING INFORMATION   Your notary certificate, as provided by the Idaho Secretary of State, grants you the authority to purchase a notary stamp. All notary stamps USED on or after October 1, 2018, must conform to the following standard (as per I.C. 51-117, 118): The stamp must be an inked stamp. The stamp must have a serrated or milled-edge border. The stamp must be in a rectangular or circular form. The stamp shall not exceed two and one-fourth (2.25) inches by one (1) inch if rectangular, or one and three-fourths (1.75) inches in diameter if circular. The...

New Colorado Notary Journal Requirements

With the passage of the 2018 Colorado RULONA (Revised Uniform Law on Notarial Acts), there were slight changes to the standards of care for the Colorado Notary Records Journal.  You can read the actual Colorado Revised Statute below this article. All RULONA updates will be reflected in our updated Colorado Notary State-Approved Online Course on or before July 1, 2018. You can also order your Colorado RULONA compliant notary journal here: Notary Journal C.R.S. 24-21-519. Journal (1) A notary public shall maintain a journal in which the notary public chronicles all notarial acts that the notary public performs. The notary public shall retain the journal for ten years after the performance of the last notarial act chronicled in the journal. (2) A journal...

What Is a Notary Bond and Why is it Important

As you know, a notary, also known as a notary public, is a government-licensed professional who takes witness to an assortment of legal affairs and signing of documents. The National Notary Association defines a notary as a government-appointed official to serve the public as an impartial witness in performing a variety of official fraud-deterrent acts--notarizations, notarial acts--that are related to the signing of highly important documents. Since a notary’s job requires them to work closely with legal documents day in and day out, oftentimes, they are required to get a notary bond, also referred to as a surety bond. In most cases, it’s necessary for a notary to obtain a surety bond before they are allowed to start notarizing and...

What does it mean to be a Notary?

A Notary Public is an important public official who helps with the authentication of documents.

It’s likely you’ve had an opportunity or situation that requires the services of a Notary Public. But, what if you want to become a Notary yourself? Here are a few advantages to becoming a Notary Public. If you would like more information on becoming a notary, please find your state here.  We currently offer state-specific online notary training throughout most of the country. We have notary training available in 46 states and Washington D.C., including mandatory education states of California, Florida, Nevada, North Carolina, Oregon, MissouriPennsylvania and Colorado.  

A Source of Income

While Notaries are appointed by their states and serve as public officials, they charge their clients directly...

Factors impacting foreign language notarization

Can a Notary Public help me if we don’t speak the same language? Are their rules governing the communication I have with my Notary? I’m a Notary and have a potential client and I don’t speak their language – what can I do? These questions may come up as you seek to have a document notarized or if you’re a practicing Notary and are reaching out to advertise your services. Here are a few answers to help guide you in this process:   Can foreign language documents be notarized? Short answer? This varies.  The first and most important thing is to check if your state statutes or Notary-regulating agency has provided guidelines on its website or in its Notary handbook that address the issue of...

What is a Notary and What do Notaries Do?

Do you need a Notary?

What can a Notary do for you? If you're looking for an official witness for a variety of documents that require such a service, you may need a Notary Public. Read below for more about what a Notary is and what a Notary does.

What is a Notary?

According to the Cambridge English Dictionary, a Notary Public is "an official who has the legal authority to say that documents are correctly signed or true or to make an oath (=promise) official." Encyclopedia Britannica defines a "notary, also called notary public" as a "public official whose chief function in common-law countries is to authenticate contracts, deeds, and other documents by an appropriate certificate with a notarial seal." In broad terms, a Notary...

How To Become A Loan Signing Agent

How To Become A Loan Signing Agent

What is a Loan Signing Agent?

Signing agents are notaries public, who usually have experience and/or training concerning the proper execution of loan documents and are hired as independent contractor by mortgage companies, escrow companies, title companies, and signing services to identify loan documents, obtain the necessary signatures, and in some cases deliver the documents to the borrower.

What Kind of Training Does a Loan Signing Agent Require?

  Loan Signing Agent course   

What Are the Benefits of Becoming A Loan Signing Agent?

Signing agents are notaries public, who usually have experience and/or training concerning the proper execution of loan documents and are hired by mortgage companies, escrow companies, title companies, and signing services to identify loan documents,...

Notary Bond vs Notary E&O Insurance

Notary Bonds and Errors and Omissions Insurance

What is the difference between a notary bond and errors and omissions (E&O) insurance?

A notary bond is a financial security document underwritten by a surety licensed in the state that requires it. Translated, the bond is there to protect the public in the event of financial damages caused due to improper notarization. A notary bond is not insurance for the notary. If you are forced to pay damages due to a notarization that you performed, the bonding company will pay up to the bond value amount, but the next thing the bonding company will do is come after you for the money. They are very efficient at collecting, which is why the...