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If you’re looking to become a notary or renew your notary commission, we offer Online Notary Courses for 46 states and Notary Supplies for all 50 states. can help you with:

• Notary Applications and Renewal Information
• Notary Training
• Notary Bonds and Insurance
• Notary Stamps, Seals, and Journals

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Convenient, self-paced, web-based notary training. State-approved options.

Notary seals from 2000 Plus, Brother, Ideal, PSI, Shiny, Xstamper, and more.

Surety bonds and E&O insurance from A++ rated companies like Travelers with limits up to $100,000.

Visit Notary Rotary to find a professional notary near you.

California Notary Training & Supplies

Supplies, Packages, Education, and How-To’s

Notary Stamps

Notary Seal Stamps, Embossers, Acknowledgment and Jurat Stamps, and more.

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Signing Agent How-Tos

Notary Signing Agent Tips, Tricks, and How-Tos

Live In-Person California Notary Classes

Available with your Live Same Day Class and Exam:
State approved CA Notary Class and Hands-On Training (8am to 3:30pm)
Proof of Completion certificate
State Exam after Class-Registration and Test (3:30pm to 5:00pm)
FREE Pre-Study Guide available after registration
FREE 100+ Important Knowledge Points
FREE California Notary Public Handbook ( Available at Class )
Discounted Notary Supply Orders
Complimentary Notary Basic Listing with
Class guarantee – if you don’t pass the first time

Upcoming California Notary Classes

For more information on in-person notary seminars, go to or call 1-800-909-9003. 

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Hands-on Training 
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California Acknolwedgement

Acknowledgments and Jurats

What is a jurat? When do I use an acknowledgment? What’s the difference between notarizing an acknowledgement and jurat? All your acknowledgement and jurat questions answered.

Notary Bonds & Insurance FAQs

Does my surety bond protect me? What’s the point of having E&O insurance? Should I buy two notary bonds? (No.) All your notary bond and Errors and Omissions insurance questions answered.