Alaska Notary Journals

Does Alaska require a notary journal?

Yes. Alaska requires a notary journal.


In accordance with the passage of HB 124 (PDF) that goes into effect January 1, 2021, notaries commissioned by the State of Alaska shall maintain a journal in which the notary public chronicles all notarial acts that the notary public performs under AS 44.50.075. The notary public shall retain the journal for 10 years after the performance of the last notarial act chronicled in the journal.

A notary public may create a journal on a tangible medium or in an electronic format.

A notary public shall maintain at least one journal in a tangible medium to chronicle all notarial acts.

Acceptable forms of a notary journal:

A notary public may maintain one or more journals in an electronic format to chronicle all notarial acts.

If a journal is maintained in an electronic format, the journal must be in a permanent, tamper-evident electronic format complying with the regulations of the lieutenant governor under AS 44.50.072.