Virginia Notary Journals

Does Virginia require a notary journal?

No, Virginia state law does not require notaries to keep a notary journal.

Source: A Handbook for Virginia Notaries Public.

A traditional [in-person] notary is not required to keep a notary journal. However, the Secretary of the Commonwealth recommends that each notary maintain a journal that provides a record of all notarial acts performed to provide evidence for resolving future disputes over authenticity of signatures and documents.

JURISDICTION (§ 47.1-13, § 47.1-13.1)
All Virginia notaries are notaries at-large and have authority to perform all traditional notarial acts anywhere within the Commonwealth of Virginia. Virginia notaries have limited powers in performing notarial acts outside the Commonwealth of Virginia. A traditional notary public may perform any notarial act outside the Commonwealth for any writing to be used in the Commonwealth of Virginia or by the United States government.