Hawaii Notary Journals

Does Hawaii require a notary journal?

Yes. Hawaii requires a notary journal.

Source: Hawaii Notary Public Handbook.

Every notary public shall record at length in a book of records all acts, protests, depositions, and other things, by the notary noted or done in the notary’s official capacity. For each official act, the notary shall enter in the book:

  1. The type, date, and time of day of the notarial act;
  2. The title or type and date of the document or proceeding;
  3. The signature, printed name, and address of each person whose signature is notarized and
    of each witness, other parties to the instrument;
  4. The identity of the person is based on personal knowledge, a statement to that effect;
  5. If the identity of the person is based on satisfactory evidence, a brief description of the
    method of identification and the identification credential presented, if any including the
    identification number and date of expiration of any identification credentials; and
  6. The fee, if any, charged by the notary public.