Mississippi Notary Journals

Does Mississippi require a notary journal?

Yes. Mississippi requires a notary journal.


§ 25-34-37. Maintenance of journal by notary public chronicling all notarial acts; performance of notarial act and entry must be contemporaneous; entry information [Effective July 1, 2021].
(1) A notary public must maintain a journal in which the notary public chronicles all notarial acts that the notary public performs.
(2) A journal must be created on a tangible or electronic medium. A notary public shall maintain only one (1) journal at a time to chronicle all notarial acts, whether those notarial acts are performed regarding tangible or electronic records. If the journal is tangible, it must be a permanent, bound register with numbered pages. An electronic journal must conform to specifications set forth in rules by the Secretary of State.
(3) An entry in a journal must be made contemporaneously with performance of the notarial act and contain the following information: (a) The date and time of the notarial act; (b) A description of the record, if any, and type of notarial act; (c) The full name and address of each individual for whom the notarial act is performed; (d) If identity of the individual is based on personal knowledge, a statement to that effect; (e) If identity of the individual is based on satisfactory evidence, a brief description of the method of identification and the identification credential presented, if any, including the date of issuance and expiration of any identification credential; (f) The address where the notarial act was performed if not the notary’s business address; and (g) The fee, if any, charged by the notary public.