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As of October 1, 2011, you are now required to ink all embossed notary seals. To be sure you are compliant, you can order one of our Embosser Impression Inkers (https://www.notary.net/supplies/?productid=48 2"> https://www.notary.net/supplies/?productid=482 ).

September 15, 2011

All commissioned notaries in the District of Columbia should be aware that effective December 15, 2010 all notarial acts performed by DC commissioned notaries must be inked, to wit, the current, effective, legislation reads as follows:
2403.6 An embossment inker shall be used in conjunction with the official seal, making the impression legible, permanent, and photographically reproducible.

2403.7 In the case that the document being notarized is made of a non-porous material, such as Mylar or a similar material to which standard ink will not adhere an embossed seal shall be used alone or in conjunction with a non-porous, permanent ink that dries through evaporation, which will adhere without smearing.

2403.8 Notaries public commissioned prior to December 15, 2010, may use an official seal that does not comply with Section 2403.4 provided that seal is made visible with an embosser inker and coupled with an expiration stamp on all notarizations.

Accordingly, effective October 1, 2011, the Office of Notary Commissions and Authentications will enforce the legislation that has been in effect since December 15, 2010. Thus, documents which contain embossed seals which have not been inked will not be processed. As a notary, failure to comply with this legislation may negatively impact on your customer should they have time sensitive documents in need of authentication. It may also result in sanctions for DC commissioned notaries for non-compliance with the current law.