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What's the procedure to get signed on with title companies to become their SA? Back in the day... LO's and title reps just called who they knew... This was the same for appraisers.. Laws prohibit Now.. ( thanks 2 the devastating 'stated income loan shenanigans )...U have to register and be put in a random que...? How does this work now, and where do u go...? Thanx;)

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abs24notary................You must market yourself to Title Companies and Signing Services. If you are new to the
business, many Title companies want you to have a number of signings under your belt. If you already have experience
in handling loan docs, then contact people you know.

There is a complete list on Notary Rotary, under Signing Central with a list of Signing companies. Good Luck!

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The industry has recovered after the financial crises and there is alot more new names popping up. Still nothing beats detailed due diligence to make sure the loan company are legitimate.


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