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Loan Document Signing Companies

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I'm a California notary and loan document specialist, into my second term. My business volume (while never very large) has dropped through the floor! I've avoided signing onto Document Signing companies because most want a fee to join or won't pay enough per job to cover gasoline and wear and tear on my vehicle, much less net me a reasonable profit. An example: one company I signed up with was offering to pay $49.00 for each package. The first (and only) job they contacted me about was an eighty mile round trip! I told them I'd only travel a total of twenty miles for what they offered. I never heard from them again.
Does anybody out there have an HONEST company they work with that won't cost me a bundle to join that they would share with me? I know that the real estate industry in Southern California is not on fire at the moment, but there must be refi's and loan mod's that somebody is handling.

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don't know about that.... but I can search about it if you want