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Self employed notary

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Hi, I am a self employed notary in California. In order to be added to an "approved" list to one of the title companies, one of their requirements is to "show" them your notary journal, for "validity" as well as your notary stamp. I have no issue with showing my stamp, as long as it's not taken out oft presence BUT I don't know what would entitle them to reviewy notary journal. So I want to know if I can refuse that portion of their requirements. Does any one know? Thanks in advance!!

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Page 9 of your handbook states:

"A notary public must respond within 15 business days after the receipt of a written request from any member of the public for a copy of a transaction in the notary public journal by supplying either a photostatic copy of a line item from the notary public’s journal or an acknowledgment that no such line item exists. The written request shall include the name of
the parties, the type of document, and the month and year in which the document was notarized. The cost to provide the requested information must not exceed thirty cents ($0.30) per page. (Government Code sections 8206(c) and 8206.5)" (the 2012 edition is available online at your SOS)

Now...all that being said - I have never had this requested of me and I would be very very reluctant to "show" a company my journal as a condition of my being added to their database; the stamp also - they've no need to see that. They can verify you're a notary at the SOS website - the info is readily available to them. I would send a copy of my commission and that's it. I don't believe they have any right to "review" your journal ... they CAN ask for specific line items, but they have to follow the protocol outlined in your handbook and I would think there'd have to be a specific reason for this request, not just "we wanna look"...

Curious - who is this title company? I've never heard this request.

JMO and good luck.

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you need to be careful on this, since they can use your journal for something you don't know...