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Form DD214

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Hello my boss is going on a cruise in February and the cruise line is giving him a discount because he was in the Military. They have asked him to make a copy of the Form DD214 and to have it notorized. This form is an Active Duty Form showing his In Service. They say they want the copy notorized to show that I witnessed him making the copy from the original. Has anyone else ever heard of this. I just became a notary earlier this year. I have not heard of this before to notorize a copy to say I witnessed the original being copied. Please help.
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Some states allow this, some don't. If your state does not, your boss could sign a statement swearing it is a true copy and you could notarize his oath. When you look up the rules for your state, read carefully; some have restrictions on what kind of documents you can make certified copies of.

Some states allow you to record military separation papers at the county clerk; once it's recorded, the county clerk can issue a certified copy.

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electroprine...............What state are you in? If in California, you cannot do what they are requesting. However; you
can ask your boss and show them a "Copy Certification By Document Custodian", this may work for this purpose. Always
read your State laws.

The only time you use the words Notary Public after your signature is when performing a notarial act. Most stated have
specific notarial verbiage for their state.

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Yes, location is everything - here in Florida we could certify the copy provided we make the copy from the original.

I would refer you to your handbook for your state. Sorry not more help, but not knowing where you are makes it difficult to give you more specific information. The best any of us can do right now is "maybe you can, maybe you can't - not sure" ๐Ÿ™‚