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What should I know before becoming a notary for my employer?

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Where I work, we have 5 different office locations (3 in California, 1 in Oregon, and 1 in Washington). If I become a notary will I only be able to notarize for the Oregon location? If legit to notarize for California, does that mean the individual would need to come to Oregon and sign the document in front of me? Or are there different guidelines for a internal notary for a business, because it is my place of employment and I know these guys and know their signatures?
Also wondering if anyone notarizes for their employer and if he/she charges their employer per notary or asked for a raise?

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California has a web page, /"> which explains the requirements for becoming a notary in California. So does Washington: /">

I don't notarize for an employer, but typically the employer would be paying the notary's expenses in obtaining a notary commission, buying a seal and journal, etc. Also, the employee will usually be drawing his/her normal salary during the notarization, and occupying office space provided by the employer. So I don't think it would be a good idea for the notary to charge the employer for notarizations.