Wyoming Notary Stamps & Embossers

Does Wyoming require a notary stamp?

Yes. Wyoming requires a notary seal stamp.

SourceWyoming Secretary of State. NEW NOTARY PUBLIC STAMP/SEAL REQUIREMENTS Effective July 1, 2021

“For all new and renewing commissions, on or after July 1, 2021, a NEW stamp/seal is required (whether physical or electronic) as the design of the prescribed stamp/seal has changed and is very specific (W.S. § 32-3-116(a)(ii)). The stamp/seal shall: [a] Be rectangular in shape and approximately 1 inch wide by 2 ½ inches long; [b] Be in blue or black ink; [c] Have a border outline in which the text contained within the border includes: [d] Your notary public commission name; [e] The words “Notary Public”; [f] The words “State of Wyoming”; [g] Your commission ID number; [h] The words “My commission expires” followed by the expiration date of your notary public commission; and [i] Not include images of the Great Seal of the State of Wyoming or any other image or content other than as prescribed in this statute. Your county of residence CANNOT be included on the stamp/seal.”

See alsoWyoming Notary Handbook.

“Before entering upon notarial duties, you must obtain an official seal/stamp (ink or embossed) to authenticate official notary acts.”