West Virginia Notary Stamps & Embossers

Does West Virginia require a notary seal stamp?

Yes. West Virginia requires a notary stamp.

Source: West Virginia Notary Public Handbook. Your Stamp

“Your rubber stamp seal must include the following:
• The words Official Seal, Notary Public and State of West Virginia
• Your name
• Your address or the address of your business or affiliation
• Your commission expiration date”

“The seal must have a border, and be no larger than 1 x 2 ½ inches. You are responsible for the security of your stamping device and may not allow another individual to use the device to perform a notarial act. If your commission ends due to resignation, revocation or expiration, you must disable the stamp by destroying it so that it is unusable. In the event of a notary’s death, the notary’s representative, guardian or any other person knowingly in possession of the stamp must render it unusable. If a stamping device is lost or stolen, please notify the Secretary of State’s Office immediately. Proper notification could prevent misuse of the seal.”