Idaho Notary Supplies Package

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This package includes everything you need to become an Idaho notary: a 4-year $10,000 Idaho notary bond, a self-inking Idaho notary stamp, and a notary journal.

Your Idaho notary surety bond will be emailed to you within 24-48 hours of purchase. Your stamp and journal will be shipped the same day.

Additional add-ons are listed below.

Idaho Notary Jurat Stamp


Idaho Notary Acknowledgment Stamp


Inkless Notary Thumbprint Pad

Inkless Notary Thumbprint Pad Features:

  • 1500 to 2000 thumbprints per pad.
  • High-quality fingerprints without the mess.
  • The same model used by banks and law enforcement agencies across the United States.

Idaho Notary Stamp

Choose your desired Idaho notary stamp type below. Start by choosing the stamp type, then stamp color, then ink color. Not all notary stamps offer all options.

Idaho Notary Embosser

Choose your desired Alabama notary embosser type and color below. Start by choosing the embosser type, then embosser color. Not all notary embossers offer all color options.

The Idaho notary bond and EO insurance combo can only be purchased at the beginning of a commission term. We recommend purchasing at least $10,000 in coverage.


Idaho Notary Supplies Package

The Idaho Notary Supplies Package includes a 4-year $10,000 Idaho notary bond, a self-inking Idaho notary stamp, and a notary journal.

Renew your Idaho notary commission in 2 easy steps:

  1. Purchase a $10,000 Idaho bond (included in our supplies package and emailed to you).
  2. Submit the Idaho notary application.

Idaho Notary Stamp Requirements

Your notary certificate, as provided by the Idaho Secretary of State, grants you the authority to purchase a notary stamp. All notary stamps USED on or after October 1, 2018, must conform to the following standard (as per I.C. 51-117, 118): 

  • The stamp must be an inked stamp.
  • The stamp must have a serrated or milled-edge border.
  • The stamp must be in a rectangular or circular form.
  • The stamp shall not exceed two and one-fourth (2.25) inches by one (1) inch if rectangular, or one and three-fourths (1.75) inches in diameter if circular.
  • The stamp must include the following: the words “Notary Public” and “State of Idaho,” the notary’s name, and the notary’s state-issued commission number.
  • The stamp may include the following: “My commission expires:” followed by your current commission expiration date.
  • Nothing more is permitted on a notary stamping device.


Additional information

Idaho Notary Jurat Stamp

Weight 5 oz
Dimensions 2.88 × 2.75 × 1.88 in

Idaho Notary Acknowledgment Stamp

Weight 6 oz
Dimensions 4.38 × 2.88 × 2.5 in

Inkless Notary Thumbprint Pad

Weight .0625 oz
Dimensions 2.5 × 2.5 × .375 in

Idaho Notary Stamp

Weight 4 oz
Dimensions 2.88 × 2.75 × 1.75 in
Stamp Type

Brother 2260, Printy Model 4913, PSI 2264, PSI 2264 Slim, PSI 4141, PSI 4141 Slim

Stamp Color

, , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,

Idaho Notary Embosser

Weight 14 oz
Dimensions 4.125 × .75 × 1.625 in
Embosser Type

, , ,

Embosser Color

, , , , ,


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