Notary Training

Notaries throughout the United States often take their commissions lightly. They think that it is no big deal to be a notary public. You just sign your name and stamp your stamp and collect your money. What they don’t realize is that they could be held personally liable for any mistake in notarization. Notary education is only required in a handful of states, but it should be mandatory for every notary in the country. We teach notary law specific to your state so that you know the law so that you can protect your assets. If you are an employer that has notaries working for you, you could also be held liable for something your notary does wrong during business hours. Our streaming video notary courses will teach you the proper procedures for a flawless transaction every time. Don’t leave anything to chance. Our course costs much less than an hour with a lawyer. You cannot afford not to spend a little bit of time to make yourself a professional, well-trained, cover-your-assets notary.

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