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This industry has received a bad reputation for the way they have treated notaries and have not paid them or just severely discounted the notary compensation to attract mortgage companies. There are still a few good companies out there. Use these forums to share which companies are good and which to avoid. You can also share marketing ideas.

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Are there loan signing companies in Georgia that you know about. Thank you.

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To hwedey.......Why are you interested only in Title or Signing Services in Georgia? In the last 8 years as a loan signer, rarely do I work for any Title companies locally. I did do Reverse Mortgages with local loan officers for three years, before they stopped doing them. Many of your local Title companies have their own in house notaries and don't want to share the pie. They also moonlight in the evenings picking up loan signings.

This doesn't mean you can't touch base with local Title companies, to see if they can use an experienced loan signer. Drop in to a few with brownies or cookies along with business cards. Some get slammed at the end of the month and may reach out to you. I get calls from a local Chicago Title, usually for last minute, late night emergencies. Also, I do quite a few general notarizations for local banks, that need a couple signatures notarized.

Most of my work comes from outside of my immediate area. Someone in Rhode Island, Pennsylvania, Texas, Florida, etc. has a signing in San Jose and of course they can't be here to complete the signing. Since I am in Northern California, large amounts of work come from Title and Signing Companies in Southern California.

Many Notary Boards have listings of Signing Companies/Title Companies and rate them, regarding good and bad payers, etc. It is a matter of doing research and signing up with as many companies as you can. Most suggest signing up with 200.

After that, it's a matter of gaining experience, being extremely accurate, detailed and professional. If you do your job correctly every time, you will get repeat business. After a while, you will learn who you want to work with and who you don't.

Best of luck to you! ๐Ÿ˜€

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Yes, market nationally - with the internet companies all over the country can do business in particular states.

However, that being said, Hwedey, if you're located in GA, please note GA is an attorney only state and you can't do loan signings as a notary signing agent unless you're also an attorney. You will have to market for general notary work along with other services - structured settlements, debt resolutions and the like, and that you can market to anyone in the country - but real estate closings, unless you're an attorney, are out of the question for you as GA considers it UPL.

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Thanks for having my back Linda. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Linda is quite correct regarding Georgia. Forgot about that in my haste to assist.

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