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Going above and beyond

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Sometimes it's just necessary to go above and beyond. Simply doing the right thing.

Yesterday, I had a purchase closing, for a really nice young couple at the Realtor's office. I could only speak with their agent before appointment, so was unable to communicate stipulations and check I.D.

Turns out, the wife's maiden name was on the Deed of Trust, instead of her married name, which is on her I.D. Secondly, her maiden name wasn't even spelled correctly. Docs went back and forth with her married name and misspelled maiden name.

She wanted all documents to have her married name. Appointment was at 3:00 p.m., signing didn't start till 4:13 p.m. Why?

The couple's agent was there and their loan officer. Loan officer got on the phone to escrow and had them redraw the docs and send to the Realtors office. This took an extra hour. I was asked to stay to get the loan documents signed. This young couple had given notice on their apartment to be out by end of March. This needed to be signed in order for them to purchase their first home.

Yes, I will be compensated for the extra time I spent there, but I didn't need to stay beyond the set appointment time. If I had not stayed, this poor couple would have been struggling to find another Notary and docs may not have been signed till the following day. Time was of the essence.

Being a loan signing agent, we run into all sorts of situations and not always is it about the money. It would be nice if we could share stories on this board, about the daily activities of signing agents or notaries.

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Good for you, Jmalone!
I had a similar case where I notarized a package for a realtor I work with on occasion. Two days later, the realtor calls me and tells me that the escrow rejected the package because the buyer made a large payment on one of the stated debts they had. The package had had to be rewritten and notarized. In the interest of good relations with the realtor, I notarized the second package for free.
You're right! Sometimes it's necessary to go above and beyond!