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Changes to Florida Notary Section

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A Florida notary, who also happens to be a certified notary instructor, posted this information elsewhere and thought I'd share (2 posts are combined and paraphrased):

Florida has a new education coordinator who is moving to make changes to Florida procedure and to update/revamp our manual. All details are not out yet but her goals are:

- The Governor's Reference Manual for Notaries is being revised as we speak. I've been told that the writing portion of the manual revision is done; they are bringing in graphic designers to make new images for the manual
- The Notary Education Coordinator will be meeting with Dept of State to discuss merging the two websites into one functional website
- E-mail education will be brought back
- The Notary Education Coordinator will be seeking an Attorney General opinion re: whether one oath is sufficient for a stack of documents or if a separate oath is needed for each document; and will also be looking into whether the new U.S. Passport Cards can be used as identification