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Hello, I have a will from LegalZoom that needs to be notarized with two witnesses. How much would you charge for a Saturday appointment? Thank you.

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1. Where are you located?
2. Does the signer have current photo ID? Please read it to me. Is the signer lucid?
3. Confirm there is a notary section included - please read it to me.
3. Let them know they will need to provide the 2 witnesses (just in case there's a self-proving affidavit - they're not counting on me to be a witness)
4. When did you want to get this done? Call me when you've spoken with your witnesses and confirmed with them and we'll set a time.
5. My fee is $XX.XX (between $50 and $100, no less than $50, all dependent on distance) $35.00 of the quoted fee is payable whether or not I can complete the notarization (medication, confusion/incapacity, ID still no good even after reading it to me, etc etc).

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Interesting... I don't know that I would get something like that. Only because I think that the way LZ does things by state, it often leaves notarial information off of the will... For example, right on their own website, they list the requirements for a CA will...and nowhere do they mention notarization as a requirement. So I doubt they'd pass that on to their customer:

https://www.legalzoom.com/wills-state-requirements/california-will.htm l"> https://www.legalzoom.com/wills-state-requirements/california-will.html

However, LZ does have additional forms they send with a will that can be notarized. Most of the time when people contact me with LZ paperwork, I will ask them if they received what's called the "Self-Proving Affidavit" -- because that's the document that is really intended to be notarized, not the will itself. The witnesses will sign where need to on the will, but as for the Notary part? Generally not. Sometime there's also another one that details the person's wishes about their burial, cremation, funeral service, etc that is also notarized and is also separate from the will. I can't remember what they title that off the top of my head. But the point being, they are definitely separate documents from the will. They are intended to be kept with the will, but not attached to it.