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Starting a notary business

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This is a very competitive field right now. There are a lot of people looking for temp work etc, and making a stab at being a Notary full-time is very difficult. With that being said, it's not impossible. But you not only need to be a seasoned Notary, but you also need to have good oral communication skills, SEO chops and understand your demographic. The success of a Notary company also varies based on location etc. But my recommendation is to keep your mind open, always keep learning, and don't get stuck into thinking loans are your only source of business...definitely think outside of the box. And by all means, give it a shot. If you don't you will always wonder what might have happened if you didn't...but just keep in mind that it's getting tough out there and the Notary industry is feeling the heat as well. Just my two cents. Thanks for reading!


Kyle D Eisenberg
Golden Gate Mobile Notary & Apostille

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