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Problems with notary - any advice?

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More than year after a property purchase, I have not been able to get the notary to refund to me the balance owing to us from the purchase. This is a 4 figure euro sum so its clearly important to sort this out. (I won't mention the notaries name here). The notary has been using the line of 'a bit busy.... oh yes I'll take a look at it' etc etc. There is no dispute about the sum or the fact that it is due.What is my next step? Should I make an offical complaint to the Council of Notaries? Has anyone done this? Small claims court or something like this? Or is this experience simply typical for Malta. Incidentally.. this notary works closely with a leading Maltese estate agent (again, I won't name them here). Should I complain to the estate agent? Should I go to his office and just camp out in reception until he produces a cheque?? Am I entitled to expect interest on the sum after so long in his account?

Please help.

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