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Notary signing agent questions

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I’m thinking about becoming a notary and getting certified as a signing agent, but I have some questions before I make that first step:

1. I saw a job posting for signing agents from a company called National Signing Source. They have a website, but not sure if they are legitimate. Anyone have information on them?

2. What is the real demand for signing agents? How much work is there really?

3. What’s the best place to buy notary supplies?

4. What’s the best site to take a signing agent certification course?

5. After getting certified as a signing agent, it’s been advised to sign up for as many signing agent companies as possible. Should I also try to contact all title and escrow companies, mortgage companies, law firms, banks, real estate companies, and financial institutions in my area to offer my services?

6. What are the best signing agent companies to sign up with, and what are the companies to stay away from?


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Hi Jay,

All of your questions are good ones. I wish more people would do their due diligence before jumping into their own business. So many variables can take place in
the loan signing business. Where you live, how many Notary Loan Signers are in your area, what kind of experience you have.

I would suggest going to and look under forums, use orange search button at top and search for message #33325. Also read every post from
beginning to present. You will gain a great deal of knowledge. Also, search newbies. Go to Signing Central and check out Title and Signing companies with at
least 3 stars or above. Put your zip code in to find a Notary and you will see how many Notary Loan Signers are in your area. Many with years and years

Don't ask questions on this site without doing your own research first. For most veterans, loan signings are really slow right now. Good Luck to you!