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This has very little to do with notary, but it came across my computer today and thought I would share for comment: 4">

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Ya know as a good Notary you always give your business card, cause you never know where your next job will come form. A few days after a loan signing I was contacted by the borrowers neighbor who needed “insurance papers” notarized. He had eight sets and needed them done by 3 o’clock, even offered to pay extra, ahhh the red light went off. Ok, I can swing by and take a look, it was bout 2 miles away and an gated estate neighborhood.
When I show up the documents were jurats on medical information and releases. These were needed for a movie that was set to location shoot that evening. No problem I say, just ask the signers to come and sign… yes I am a little thick. As soon as the first two girls show up from the make-up area it registers… oh a movie, in an estate, at night, medical release… duhh. I was done in about an hour, they were good to go. My wife shook her head and said yea, right, ok.