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Notary fee for new employer in CA

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I just became a notary and am looking for a job. I did a search for how much should you charge an employer and it brought me to these handy forums.
Something interesting that I read in these threads was advice saying that you can become a Notary Public Contractor for your employer and conduct signings at a fee.

In my job search, I'm going to focus on my area of expertise, but would also like to offer the employer an opportunity to utilize my services as a Notary Public, I guess my question is what would be the appropriate way to word this during the first meeting/interview process. "In addition to the base salary of $xx, I'd be willing to negotiate a contract for fees if my services as a Notary Public will be needed on a regular basis"

Has anyone done something like this before? I'm very interested in making my services available to a new employer, but want to abide by the law and of course cover myself legally by entering into a contract rather than just saying verbally that we've agreed upon $x per signature.

Thank you!

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If you already have your notary, you can negotiate something like this. It costs around $400 to be a notary for 4 years in California, so it is not unreasonable. If the boss pays for everything, then you can't turn around and charge extra. But, because you are already a notary? this is an acceptable practice, especially if it is adding to your work load.