Virginia Notary Stamps & Seals

Does Virginia require a notary seal stamp?

Yes. Virginia requires every notary to have a Virginia notary stamp/seal.

Source: Va. Code Ann. § 47.1-16. Notarizations to show date of act, etc.
C. Upon every writing which is the subject of a notarial act, the notary shall, after his certificate, state the date of the expiration of his commission in substantially the following form: “My commission expires the . . . . day of . . . . . ., . . . ..”
Near the notary’s official signature on the notarial certificate of a paper document, the notary shall affix a sharp, legible, permanent, and photographically reproducible image of the official seal, or, to an electronic document, the notary shall attach an official electronic seal.
D. The notary shall attach the official electronic signature and seal to the electronic notarial certificate of an electronic document in a manner that is capable of independent verification and renders any subsequent changes or modifications to the electronic document evident.
E. A notary’s electronic signature and seal shall conform to generally accepted standards for secure electronic notarization.