Vermont Notary Stamps & Embossers

Does Vermont require a notary seal stamp?

No. Vermont does not require a notary stamp.


“A notary public is not required to have an official stamp or to affix an official stamp on a record. If a notary public chooses not to affix an official stamp to a notarized record, the notary public shall clearly print or type the notarial act certificate and all accompanying information (i.e., full name, commission number, title of office, expiration date of commission, date of notarial act, type of notarial act, jurisdiction, name of person signing the record). Any combination of official stamp and printing is acceptable as long as all the required information is included in the certificate. All notarial act certificates must also be signed by the notary public, regardless of whether a stamp is used. Please note that stamps that include a commission expiration date must be replaced upon expiration of the commission, every two years.”