Rhode Island Notary Stamps & Embossers

Does Rhode Island require a notary stamp?

Yes. Rhode Island requires a notary seal stamp.

Source: Rhode Island Notary Public Manual.

“Rhode Island General Law requires the use of a notary stamp when notarizing documents. The stamp shall be in round (circular) or rectangular form with an edge border surrounding the required elements of the stamp. The stamp must include the notary’s name exactly as it appears on their commission, the words “NOTARY PUBLIC” and “RHODE ISLAND.” The stamp may also include the notary’s identification number and commission expiration date. A notary’s stamp is the exclusive property of the notary; it may not be used by any other person. For notaries who have an embosser and wish to continue using it, they must render the seal with the ability to be photocopied and/or scanned. This may be accomplished through the use of a pre-inked seal highlighter. The highlighter is a round stamp pad that is used in conjunction with the embosser to make the embossed seal inked.”