Oklahoma Notary Stamps & Embossers

Does Oklahoma require a notary seal stamp?

Yes. Oklahoma requires a notary stamp.


“Before entering upon the duties of his or her office and not more than sixty (60) days after issuance of a notary commission, every notary public so appointed and commissioned shall file in the office of the Secretary of State, the notary’s oath of office, the notary’s loyalty oath, the notary’s official signature, an impression of the notary’s official seal, and a good and sufficient bond to the State of Oklahoma, in the sum of One Thousand Dollars ($1,000.00), to be approved by the Secretary of State, conditioned for the faithful performance of the duties of the notary’s office. [….] A notary public shall not perform any notarial act until his
or her bond, official seal, oath of office and loyalty oath, as required by subsection A of this section, has been received and approved by the Secretary of State. [….] Every notary shall obtain a notarial seal containing the words “State of Oklahoma” and “Notary Public” and the notary’s name.”