Montana Notary Stamps & Embossers

Does Montana require a notary stamp?

Yes. Montana requires a notary stamp.

Source: Powers and duties.
(1) A notary public shall: …
(d) provide and keep an official ink stamp and seal prescribed by the secretary of state;
(e) authenticate with the notary public’s official seal and the notary’s original signature, which must be in blue or black ink, as it appears on the notary’s certificate of commission, all official acts. Whenever the notary public signs officially as a notary public, the notary public shall add to the signature the words “Notary Public for the State of Montana, residing at…. (stating the name of the town or city of the notary public’s post office)” and shall endorse upon the instrument the date, showing the month, day, and four-digit year, of the expiration of the notary public’s commission.

SOS has page dedicated to seals. As of October 1, 2013, all Montana notaries are required to have an ink stamp unit, rectangular in shape and approximately 1” x 2 ½” in size, that contains a seal and the additional statutorily mandated information: the notary’s printed name; the title, “Notary Public for the State of Montana”; the words, “Residing at” with the name of the city or town where the notary lives; and the notary’s commission expiration date, shown as Month/Day/Four Digit Year. The stamp may be either blue or black ink only.