Pennsylvania Notary Stamp Requirements

Once your Notary commission has been approved, the state will send you your blank bond letter.

In order to have your Pennsylvania Notary stamp made, you must send your blank bond letter to an authorized seal or stamp manufacturer.

You can place an order for your custom stamp here: Pennsylvania Notary Stamps.

Pennsylvania Notary Stamp Requirements

What information has to be included on the stamp?

A Pennsylvania Notary Stamp is required to contain the following information:

  • The words “Commonwealth of Pennsylvania” and “Notary Seal”
  • The Notary’s name, exactly as it appears on their commission, and the words “Notary Public”
  • The county in which the Notary filed their bond and took their oath of office
  • The date that the Notary’s commission term expires
  • The Notary’s unique commission number

The stamp impression can be as high as 1 inch, and 3 1/2 inches wide, with a plain border.

Can I use an embosser instead of a stamp?

Notaries commissioned in Pennsylvania may use a Notary embosser in addition to a rubber stamp. Using an embosser does not replace the rubber Notary stamp.

Pennsylvania Notary Stamp Sample

PA Notary Stamp Requirements template

What information do I need to provide for my stamp to get made?

Before we can create your stamp (or your bond), we need you to email us a copy of your blank bond letter at 

Or, if you place a stamp order with us, you can attach your blank bond letter to the order.

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