It is basically the same process for new and renewing California notaries.  Things to note:

  • A 3-hour state-approved training course fulfills the training requirement for renewing notaries, however, you must take and PASS the state exam PRIOR to your commission expiring. If you do not or will not be able to do this, you must take the 6-hour course.
  • You can take the training up to 2 years prior to your expiration date and the state exam up to 1 year prior to your expiration date.
  • You can keep your journal as long as you are in the renewal process, even if your commission has expired.
  • You must destroy/deface your notary seals when your commission has expired.
  • If you no longer are a notary and are not renewing, turn in your journal(s) and records to the county clerk where your bond and oath are on file.