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James Boroznoff
James Boroznoff, New Jersey Notary Public

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If you need a document notarized and are trying to find a notary, I cover the following areas:


Mobile Notary Wedding Officiant

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I am a Mobile Notary in the State of NJ, and also an Ordained Interfaith Minister.

NOTARY NOTES: I enjoy being a notary and as such, this is more of a small side business for me, and therefore, my fees are minimal! If you require something notarized, and there is no "space" on the document for a notary to fill out, this means I must attach my own notarial certificate to it and you must know which notarial act you would like me to perform. If you need help deciding, I can bring a list of notarial acts and I can describe each one, but I cannot choose for you, so please know which act you would like ahead of time. Please also have ID, and if you are getting an affidavit notarized, you must sign it in my presence, so do not sign it ahead of time!

WEDDING OFFICIANT NOTES: As a minister, I am authorized to officiate weddings nationwide, however, this too is also more of a side business, and fees are minimal here as well! However, to officiate a wedding, I simply ask that all couples let me know at least 30 days before their planned wedding date, as long as no emergency exists to prevent this prior arrangement. It is also more of my specialty to officiate interfaith weddings, as well as nonreligious wedding. I have no experience in officiating weddings of a particular faith, however, I am open to that experience should you wish me to.


Notarial Fees

Under 5 Notarizations in same visit: FREE

Every Notarization over 5 per visit: $1.00 per Notarization


Mileage Reimbursement Fees (Mileage Determined by MapQuest, or GoogleMaps)

Within 3 miles: FREE

Every mile over 3 miles: $1 per mile


Wedding Officiant Fees (see "about" for details)

Mileage: <see mileage reimbursement fees>

Officiant Fee: $10


All fees are negotiable, and additional tips are welcome, however, certainly not required!