Neeyah Francois

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Phone: 4242441872

Phone: 3109136555

Fax: 3108071780

357 Van Ness Way
Torrance, CA 90501


Nu Point of View
Neeyah Francois, California Notary Public

Notary services and loan signings are available at the office from 9 to 5 by appointment. Mobile Notary services are available 24 hours per da

Coverage Area
If you need a document notarized and are trying to find a notary, I cover the following areas:

Cities/ZIP Codes

90248, 90247, 90746, 90220, 90249, 90504, 90503,90505, 90744, 90813, 90807, 90805, 90250, 90245


Los AngelesOrange


I come to you to promptly notarize your loans, forms and documents. You are more productive, save time and have peace of mind with Nu Point of View Notary service. For your convenience, I accept credit and debit card payments at notary signing appointments with a portable wireless credit/debit card processing machine.  Accepted forms of payment are cash, check, American Express, Visa, Mastercard, debit cards and PayPal.  Escrow, title, and businesses can be invoiced. Mobile Notary Services I Offer:

  • Mobile Notary Public, Notarize Documents
  • Mobile Loan Signings for Residential Purchases, Refinances and Home Equity Lines
  • Mobile Loan Signings for Commercial Purchases and Refinances
  • Mobile Loan Signings for Reverse Mortgages
  • Seller Signings
  • E-docs
  • Pick up and Drop off
  • Schedule Appointment


Acknowledgements (per signature)    $15.00 Oaths or Affirmations (each)        $15.00 Travel and up to 2 Notarized Signatures within 30 mile round trip        $65.00 Loan Documents Refinance, one set (0-30 miles)     $150.00 Purchases                            $175.00 Second Mortgage, one set (same visit)    $225.00 Reverse Mortgage                            $175.00 After Hours                                $30.00 Borrowers, Additional, (more than 2)   $25.00 Each Mobile Service Other Fees: Cancellation within 5 hours of Appt. or 2:30PM+ on Previous Business Day for AM Appts. or Business Declined for Same Appt. Time Slot                   100% of Fee Client No Show or Refusal to Sign          100% of Fee Copies/Printing of Documents                $50.00 per Set Hospital, Skilled Nursing Facility, Assisted Living Community (due to additional time required for parking and time to and from room to parking)       $15.00 Add