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SUSSEX NOTARY SERVICES, New Jersey Notary Public

As a Mobile Notary Services we offer the service of Notary Public outside of regular business hours and travel to the location of your choice. Make the process of notarizing your documents at the convenient of your time and the location selected by you. As a Notary Signing Agent we act as Independent Agent for the Lender Company, Tittle Company or Escrow Company. To coordinate and oversee the appointment at which documents are signed by the borrower, to ensure that real estate loan documents are properly executed and properly notarized and finally to return the documents for processing.

Coverage Area
If you need a document notarized and are trying to find a notary, I cover the following areas:

Cities/ZIP Codes

07416, 07418, 07419, 07439, 07461, 07821, 07822, 07826, 07827, 07839, 07843, 07848, 07851, 07855, 07860, 07871, 07874, 07875, 07877, 07879, 07881


Sussex County


Mobile Notary Notary Signing Agent

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Mobile Notary, the services of Notary Public outside of regular hours and travel to the location of your choices. Appointed by the state, as impartial witness in taking acknowledgments, administering oath and affirmations, and performing other acts authorized by law. In addition, the services of Notary Signing Agent hired by a "closing agents" to coordinate and oversee the appointment at which loan documents are signed by a borrower.


Notary Signing Fee are based on New Jersey Standard Fee of $150.00 plus travel fee.  Any assignment out of the Sussex County Area are subject to change, contact our office for availability and fee. Mobile Notary Fees are exclusively based on: Travel Fees, Mobile Fees and Notary Fees. Contact our office for a free quote. When you contact our office or email us, is important that you include the services needed and full address location. Signing in remote areas and under extreme conditions (rush job, long waiting, inclement weather, long distance, etc...) may result in additional fees. Cancellations should be made via email or phone no later than 4 hours prior to the schedule appointment. Method of Payments; Cash, Personal Check, Visa, MasterCard, American Express or Discover.