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Notaries in Kentucky are required by law to have a 4 year, $1,000 Kentucky notary bond. The Kentucky notary bond protects the people of Kentucky from any mistakes you might make while performing your notarial duties. In order to protect your personal financial assets, we highly recommend you also purchase E&O Insurance. Notary E&O Insurance will protect you from damages that exceed the amount of the bond.


Contact your county recorder to determine what your coverage amount needs to be, then enter that amount in this form.

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Kentucky Notary Surety Bond

The 4 year, $1,000 Kentucky Notary Bond is required by the State of Kentucky for all new and renewing notaries. Add Notary E&O Insurance covering the term of your commission. The Travelers bond and insurance combo may only be purchased at the beginning of a commission term. In order to qualify for this product combination, you must meet our underwriting guidelines and purchase within six months of the start of the commission. If you fail to meet the underwriting guidelines, your payment will be refunded.

How to file your Kentucky notary bond

Filing your notary bond is the last step to becoming a Kentucky notary. The Kentucky bond form is a part of the notary commission application. Complete the application and send the bond and application to: 

Notary Commissions
P.O. Box 821
Frankfort, KY 40602

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