Illinois Notary Surety Bond

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Illinois Notary Surety Bond

Illinois law requires all notaries to have a $5,000 four-year notary surety bond for the duration of their commission. The Illinois notary surety bond protects the people of Illinois from any mistakes you might make while performing your notarial duties. Notary E&O Insurance will protect you from having to pay out of pocket for a bond claim and for the cost of your legal defense.

Illinois bonds and E&O will be emailed within 12-24 hours after placing an order.


Notary E&O Insurance helps protect you from lawsuits arising from the performance of your notarial duties. If you make a mistake, a claim may be made on your bond and you may be sued. Without an E&O policy, you will be fully responsible for reimbursing the bond claim and for the cost of your legal defense.


Illinois Notary Surety Bond

All new and renewing Illinois notaries are required by state law to have a four-year, $5,000 Illinois notary bond. Add notary E&O insurance covering the term of your commission. 

How to file your notary bond

1. The Illinois notary application is attached to the Illinois notary bond form. We will complete the bond section; you must complete the application. 

2. Bring your notary application to an Illinois notary, who will administer the oath and notarize your notary bond and application form.

3. Submit the notary application and bond form to the Illinois Secretary of State.

What else do I need to become an Illinois notary?

An Illinois notary public is required to have an Illinois notary bond and a notary seal stamp.

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$5,000 / 4yr / Resident, $5,000 / 1yr / Non-Resident

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