4-Year, $50,000 Alabama Notary Bond

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Alabama notaries are required by law to maintain a $50,000 notary bond for the duration of their 4-year commission. The Alabama notary bond protects the people of Alabama from any mistakes you might make while performing your notarial duties. In order to protect your personal financial assets, we recommend purchasing notary E&O Insurance.

For Cullman, DeKalb, Mobile, Montgomery, St. Clair, and Tuscaloosa counties – your notary bond must be sent by mail.

For Baldwin, Geneva, Macon and Mobile counties – bonds will be sent after we receive your appointment letter.

For all other counties, your notary bond will be sent by email.

Once you receive your bond, take your notarized bond to your Office of the Probate Judge for filing.


The notary bond protects the public, while E&O insurance protects the notary. We highly recommend that every notary has at least enough errors and omissions to cover the bond amount. If you have more assets to protect and notarize higher risk documents, we recommend a higher policy amount.


Alabama Notary Surety Bond

The 4 year, $50,000 Alabama notary bond is required for all applying Alabama notaries public.

The Alabama notary bond can be delivered electronically via email in most instances. For Cullman, DeKalb, Mobile, Montgomery, St. Clair, and Tuscaloosa counties, we are required to mail the notary bond with a “wet” signature from a licensed Alabama insurance agent.  Alabama notary bonds are offered through Notary Rotary, Inc.

Alabama Notary E&O Insurance can be purchased up to $100,000.

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Cullman, DeKalb, Mobile, Montgomery, St. Clair, Tuscaloosa, All Others


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