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Texas Notary Bond & Application

Texas notaries are required by state law to have a 4 year, $10,000 Texas notary bond. The Texas notary surety bond & notary application is required to become a Texas notary public. The Texas notary surety bond protects the people of Texas from any mistakes you might make while performing your notarial duties. In order to protect your personal financial assets, we highly recommend you also purchase E&O Insurance. 

Texas bonds and E&O will be emailed within 12-24 hours after placing an order.


Notary E&O Insurance helps protect you from lawsuits arising from the performance of your notarial duties. If you make a mistake, a claim may be made on your bond and you may be sued. Without an E&O policy, you will be fully responsible for reimbursing the bond claim and for the cost of your legal defense.


Texas Notary Surety Bond & Application

Texas notaries are required by state law to have a $10,000 notary surety bond during their 4-year commission term. Add Notary E&O Insurance covering the term of your commission. The Travelers bond and insurance combo may only be purchased at the beginning of a commission term. In order to qualify for this product combination, you must meet our underwriting guidelines and purchase within six months of the start of the commission. If you fail to meet the underwriting guidelines, your payment will be refunded.

How to file your Texas Notary Bond & Application

Filing your notary bond & application form is the last step to becoming a Texas notary. 

We will send your notary bond & application to you within 24 hours of receiving your order. Once you receive your bond, you must submit your completed bond & application form to the state, along with the $21 filing fee.

We do not submit your bond form to the state for you. 

What else do I need to become a Texas notary?

The essential supplies that a Texas notary requires are:

  • 4 year, $10K Texas notary bond form
  • notary stamp
  • notary journal

You can purchase your notary supplies together in our Texas Notary Supplies Package. We will ship your supplies within 24 hours of receiving your order.

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