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    Coming in July.

    Notarize docs over webcam.

    NotaryNow lets you notarize documents instantly over your computer. It’s fast, easy, and better at preventing fraud.




    This practice is Illegal in EVERY state – except Virginia, who has passed legislation allowing this effective July 1, 2012, but only under THE most stringent of regulation and VA notaries who do this MUST have specific commissions and very very specific identification protocol must be followed, not to mention specific recordkeeping requirements.

    Every other state has come forward and affirmtively stated THERE IS NO EXCEPTION TO THE PHYSICAL PRESENCE REQUIREMENT and/or WEBCAM NOTARIZATIONS ARE NOT ALLOWED.

    Andy, I, personally, would like to see this original post deleted and the poster banned. Webcam notarizations are illegal – unfortunately, newer people may rely on the information posted here and get suckered in.

    And my apologies but yes, I WAS yelling above – hoping to get my point across… 🙂



    Even if the Virginia electronic webcam notaries do everything they are supposed to do, how can they verify the signer is in Virginia? What is the legal status, within and outside Virginia, if the notary is in Virginia but the signer is in another state?



    I agree with Linda, Andy. This poster needs to be banned from posting. I still don’t know how Virginia justifies this. So many problems on so many levels, too numerous to go into.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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