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    i just received an email with the october newsletter.

    i am not a notary, but i do create some documents for myself once in awhile, so i like to keep up to date on the verbiage.

    whatever happened to the notary being only responsible for making sure that the person signing the document is the correct person, and in a rational state of being ?

    the notary should not be responsible for the verbiage of the document.

    the document needs to hold up to whatever system of rules in which it belongs.

    making the notary responsible is not a good idea.

    their license does not include a law degree.

    in my opinion, it is all about the lawyer association once again trying to intimidate the notary profession into not notarizing documents, forcing the average joe to seek out an attorney.

    awhile back, almost all notaries in my area stopped being willing to notarize wills. that went on for a few years, and then dissipated.

    i am surprised they havent hit trust documents yet, as that is the biggest threat to attorneys.

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