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    I’ve been noticing that on last names with punctuation, like the Irish surnames with an apostrophe, i.e. O’Donoghue, that the ID’s haven’t been showing the apostrophe for these types of names, simply showing “ODONOGHUE” for the last name for example.. it seems like splitting hairs… but technically does punctuation matter when you are matching the person’s ID to what the document says? I’m not sure how government entities handle punctuation in names, if in fact they get omitted like that in general.



    I would say no – this type of situation is where I’d look at signer’s signature, then look at name on license and say “okay…matches to me”….

    Now if his name is O’Donoghue and his license just says Donoghue, now we could have a problem – to me those are two very different names. But I wouldn’t let the absence of an apostrophe interfere.




    I agree with Linda. However, I would listen to a person of Irish descent who felt the apostrophe was important, and when informed it would be dropped, decided to drop the “O” as well, for purposes of the drivers license. Whether a motor vehicle clerk would allow that is anybody’s guess, but if the person had sufficient additional ID and/or supporting circumstances to convince me it was the right person, I’d accept it.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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